A prayer concern.

Christians are still persecuted in Iraq. It is a terrible thing. We as Christians need to pray for our brothers and sisters there. RedState quotes, “Muslim militants are crucifying children to terrorize their Christian parents into fleeing Iraq, a parliamentary committee studying the persecution of religious minorities heard yesterday.”

Twelve children have been kidnapped and killed to torment their parents since the war began.

Heavenly Father, you know what it is to watch your child die, even when you know he will live again. You know the pain the child feels as he is killed. You know the grief of the people left behind. Father God, please protect your children in Iraq. Send angel armies to guard them and turn back the enemy. Show your might in Iraq and comfort your people and give them peace. Watch over them; guard them; guide them. Let them know your presence. In the name of your son who was also killed, Jesus, Amen.