Redshirting Kindergarten

Core Knowlege talks about a Harvard study that says more six year olds are going to kindergarten at age six. This, the study says, makes them more likely to drop out of school without a good education.


If a child goes to kindergarten before they are ready, then they will be more likely to drop out of school.

Those parents who hold their children back until they are six have to either stay home with them or pay for child care, so only parents who are better off financially are going to have six year olds in kindergarten. Those kids are going to have a culture of going to school and getting through.

I’d have to see the original study to see if it has any more merit, but it doesn’t appear to have any for me based on this article.

The article said that schools are legislating kids to come later. Well, heck, that’s not going to hurt them. They can legislate the top end too. And I’m sure they do.

Did you know that many children have learning disabilities because we taught them to read before their brains were ready? That’s another study, by the Friedmann Foundation. And I think there’s a lot of veracity to that.