Pray for Georgia

Diplomats in Europe and Washington believe Saakashvili made a mistake by sending troops to South Ossetia last week. Perhaps. But his truly monumental mistake was to be president of a small, mostly democratic and adamantly pro-Western nation on the border of Putin’s Russia.

–Robert Kagan. We will surely not go to war over South Ossetia–it does not impact our security interests seriously enough and will not have any chance to unless energy supply disruptions become especially pronounced. But it should be clear that Russia–weakened as it is–will do a lot within what it perceives as its sphere of influence–to challenge American foreign policy interests in as significant a fashion as possible. The Cold War may be over. But Russian and American foreign policy interests have not achieved any kind of bilateral harmony worth celebrating.

from RedState

I am appalled, terrified, and praying hard for the Georgian people.

God, please give our allies and us wisdom to do what is right an what will help Georgia and democracy in the long term. Bless the Georgian people.