Kyle for Obama

Blackfive has the post (and the picture).

But what I don’t get is why everyone ignored his reason for being in the Navy in the first place. “because of a lack of jobs in IT in the St. Louis area.”

So he joins the NAVY to stay in St. Louis?

And I went to monster and within a half hour’s drive there are 12 jobs that are IT, not even knowing what this guy’s field is.

So he’s not telling the truth on that either.

He (or someone named Kyle) did actually run in 2006. I looked it up. But I couldn’t find out if he really lost by only 14% and how many votes that meant.

For Blackfive, though, another issue is the gay-ness of the pose. I heard the same issue yesterday on the radio, when Walter and Johnson were talking about the Michael Phelps picture. Folks, just because the photo looks gay doesn’t mean the person getting their picture taken is gay. Maybe it means the photographer is gay. People pay money for photographers to take their pictures and then they assume that those are good pictures.

Just because you look gay in a picture, even one you posted yourself, doesn’t mean you are.