I love Texas!

Killeen TX outside of FT Hood when I was stationed there… two scumbags broke into a buddy of mines house and went after his wife… (we were in the field and they, the scumbags knew it) They chased her into the bedroom thinking they’d be having a ‘good time’ but when they got in there, she had been ‘playin possum’ and whipped out a .357 magnum that she knew and liked to use… score, Good Guys 2, Bad Guys, Zip. She shot ’em both DRT and the Chief of Police gave her a “Marksmenship Award” for saving him the trouble of a trial and jail…

This is from Big Country’s comment on Confederate Yankee’s story of the Texas couple who wrestled the shotgun away from the intruders and shot them.

We should not punish people who are defending their homes, their families, and themselves.