Outfits I’ve worn

I’ve had the experience of people watching what I wear and commenting on how often I wear certain clothes. So I decided to go as long as I could without repeating outfits. Unfortunately, I’m not totally sure on some of the days; was Week 1 th or f the white and pink? But at least for the first three weeks of work I won’t have worn the same outfit anywhere.

I realize that some people probably won’t notice what I am wearing at all, but some of them will pay very close attention. I don’t mind repeating pants a little, which is a good thing because I only have about five pair. But I want the outfits to be considerably different from one another.

Week 1
m-brown pants, teal shirt
t-black pants, black dress jacket with hot pink color and buttons
w-white pants, green long shirt
th-white linen skirt, pink and white blouse
f-gray pants, burgundy shirt

Week 2
t-black pants, black colored shirt
w- black pants, green short shirt
th- brown pants, purple shirt
f-black skirt, blue shirt

Week 3
m-brown shirt, bright pink skirt
t-purple pants, purple and cream dressy t-shirt
w-black and white plaid pants, white dress shirt
th-brown and pink skirt, pink shirt
f-purple skirt, black shirt

Next week I will either have to start repeating, or I will have to buy new clothes.

Week 4
m-brown multi-colored pants, brown blouse
t-black pants, peach blouse
w-black pants, light green blouse
th-gray pants, green and white dressy t-shirt
f-navy pants, burgundy blouse (repeat of blouse)

There are some sleeveless blouses (if I got it in gear and dropped some of my carb weight), some long sleeve blouses (if it gets cold), and some sweater blouses (short-sleeved, but again with the cold).

We’ll see.