What if you could be guaranteed to succeed at five things?

I would want to hike the mountains of New Zealand with R because we both want to visit New Zealand, I love mountains and hiking, and it would be an adventure we could do together.

I would like to dance with R at our sons’ weddings because it would mean we had learned to dance, any excuse to be in R’s arms is a good one, and I want our boys to be as happy as we are. Also, I feel like dancing at the wedding is a benediction, a blessing. I want to be a part of my sons’ start on their family life on their own.

I would get my novel published. I like it. I wrote it. I want other people to like Dielli. Maybe it would encourage someone that even though bad things happen to good people, good people get through it.

I would like to go to England and Ireland with my family for a few months. I think it would be fun to be tourists together. It would give us a great adventure together. We all speak the language. There is bunches of stuff to do. And we could have great memories afterwards.

I would like to learn to play the bagpipes. I love the sound. And maybe after listening to me play well, other people would come to like the bagpipes…. Or, after listening to songs on iTunes, maybe I really should learn to play the piano.