Update on the creepy crawly things

When I was sitting on the couch minding my own business reading a book and a bug crawled up my pants, it was annoying and I tried to grab it through my pant leg.

But when it reached my knee and crawled over to said knee and my skin could feel the immensity that was this bug and recognize it forthwith as a roach, I grabbed my pants and squeezed the little booger as best I could while standing up and immediately stripping off my clothes.

My husband thought I was overreacting until I reached down to the floor where I had been sitting and picked up the squashed roach and showed it to him.

I went to Lowe’s and got six spray cans of roach killer and he sprayed the house Friday morning while the boys and I were at school. I’ve had to pick up ten dead ones. But they are dead. And none of them have been flying across the room or slithering up my leg.

I may have to re-fog in two weeks, but for now I am roach free.