Doom and gloom everywhere.

The fear mongers are out in the Web in droves and everywhere I go I read about recession and depression and economic meltdown. I wonder if those living in the early months of the depression realized what they were living through.

And I wonder if we are really going to have a depression and, if we do, whether it is our fault for having said the sky is falling.

It is, I suppose, the law of attraction. What you talk about, what you act on, that is what shows up in your life.

2 thoughts on “Doom and gloom everywhere.

  1. Absolutely we will make it. I just wonder if we are creating it ourselves in the first place.

    And I hope it doesn’t take a world war to end it either!

    Many people growing up or being grown up in the depression learned life lessons that have blessed them throughout their life, but others have scars…

    I guess I should just pray for our attitude to make it a blessing rather than a curse.

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