Wharton at UPenn

I just scared myself silly. Do you know how much Wharton costs a year? $51,700.

E has completed his early admit application for Wharton School of Business from University of Pennsylvania.

They will not accept any math below Calculus for transfer credit, so his trig and precal classes go away. This means that without physics, which we had thought he would take but which he may not, he will have 59 hours. So he would still be a sophomore for transfer.

I guess if Wharton does not admit him as a freshman, we can make the decision then on whether he should go ahead and take the physics classes or not. It would put him into junior status, which would take him out of acceptance at Wharton as a transfer. (NOTE: 2000 transfer applications each year with only 175 acceptances.)

He hasn’t graduated from high school, even though he is taking all those college courses. At this point he is finishing up his high school requirements of two years of Spanish and extra math, since he has a goal of a math-related degree.

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  1. If E wants to talk to a real actuary, we have a friend that just graduated from State and is working at Blue Cross Blue Shield. We also just met a neighbor who retired from John Hancock after being an actuary. Does he know about the actuarial society in America? We were told they have reviews of the programs at various colleges. I am guessing E has already read it.

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