What is your view of Facebook?

Here’s mine:

My view of fb is that it allows me to keep in touch with acquaintances quickly and easily. It allows me to forge better connections if we happen to mesh more than I had thought previously. It allows me to know what is going on with their lives and keep up with them even when we are far apart.

In addition, it has let me reconnect with people who were important in my life when I was younger- college professors, best friend in sixth grade, college buddy. So people who once meant a lot to me but because of time and geography have drifted away are there again. (Potentially. I looked for eight sixth grade buds and found one.)

Also, if there are people who are good friends and we connect on the internet, I can get to know the minutiae of their lives, as far as they publicize it. I have good friends living in Thailand, Uganda, and Illinois. I can read what they write, see what they are doing, and pray for them.

I believe fb creates a simple, easy, and potentially useful tool for redeveloping, enriching, and maintaining relationships…

In response to Doug’s question.