Thanksgiving has been great

I’m a little stressed out though.

I guess it is because I said I would write some things that are due January 1. I just got the approval for both of them this week. So I haven’t been expecting them. Now I have a little over a month to write them both.

Of course, I don’t really expect them to take too long, but I don’t really have time to start them now.

Well, I guess I do. I could do that instead of this. But it’s work and this isn’t and I was trying to take a break.

Of course, I brought papers to grade. I’ve graded the rewrites of research papers. Now I am starting on the papers from one school. Then I have the papers from the other school too. But it’s totally doable. It’s just work.

And I wanted to work a little, on grading, and not really on anything else.

But I guess if the whole thing is freaking me out, I can start on them now. Better to be making progress than to be worrying.