Would I rather….

have all of my teeth fall out with no replacements OR have one eye close and never open again?

Assuming the other eye works, I’d rather have my eye close. But if there’s an issue (which there is potentially) I guess I’d rather have to eat strained peas.

Live next door to a convicted killer who has served his time OR be roommates with a high-tech peeping tom.

I’d rather live next door to a convicted killer. I have a CHL. He’s not going to come after me. But the high-tech peeping tom living in my house… Gross.

Inherit a piece of land between two battling countries OR inherit a piece of land near an active volcano?

Absolutely the active volcano. Hawaii here I come!

Drive for ten seconds with your eyes closed OR rive for five seconds with nothing holding on to the steering wheel?

First, don’t try this at home.

Second, my car is fairly well aligned, so I would go for the five seconds.

Be a pilot who flies bombing missions only OR be a bomb disarming expert?

Going with my gut, I say be a pilot. It’d be fun to be able to fly.

As a woman, wear high heels on a camping trip or Birkenstocks to the Oscars?

High heels camping. I’d rather wear Birkenstocks if we’re talking hiking, but camping, sure.

Feel free to answer for yourself in the comments.