Too much to say, too few words to say it in.

I am working on a paper which is supposed to be published next year. The stated length was 3,000 to 5,000 words. Presently I have 6,300 words. In addition, there is at least one other section that I want to add (though I think I should add two). I could make it a bit shorter by leaving out two of the sections I have already written, but those are the two shortest sections. Three of the others must remain and one I want to remain because I think I add something new to the conversation in it.

I have tried to reorganize. I have shortened it already by more than a thousand words. So I have done some things well.

Of course, the paper is due in six days. That limits how much work I can put into it. That’s probably good. No matter how well written something is, I always think it can be improved.

Right now I have
nature of man
reality versus perception

I think that a more coherent/comprehensive work would have examined

However, I haven’t written those other two sections. And I am not sure I want to throw away 4100 words and start again. Especially six days before it is due.

In case you think I have been lazy and putting this off, I did not receive the assignment until the day after Thanksgiving. Since then I have graded 15 sets of papers, including final exams, written another paper (2,500 words), and written a review (850 words).

I had, before yesterday, only read one book for pleasure in that month. Now I have read two. Usually in a month I read between 30 and 120 books.

I guess I will remove the two shorter sections. That will get me to almost the limit. But I won’t be able to add anything. Neither learning nor reason.

Those do give me another paper to write on the topic though.