My dad: prayer request

My dad had two strokes at the same time (or close enough). One effected his balance, the other his right side motor skills. The doctors have been saying (up until yesterday) that he would recover at least 90% function and could reasonably expected to get all the way back.

Yesterday they said his confusion over our names, the year, where he is (even though we have told him all of those things), 9 days after the stroke makes it unlikely that he will ever be well again. The one dr said that he will always (at least) have short term memory loss, where he can’t remember things for days or weeks after they happened.

Please pray that the dr is wrong. Pray that God will heal him and let him recover at least well enough that he can go home again and not spend the rest of his life in institutions of one sort or another.

Pray for my family. Right now we are spending 24 hours a day with him. The drs said that this would be better for him right now. Today is our 11th day of that. Tomorrow college starts and I’m on shift from 11 am Monday (after I get off from school) till noon on Tuesday (when I have to go back to school).

Please pass this prayer request on to anyone else who either knows me or would pray.