Mind mapping

My husband has been recommending it for a while. I hadn’t done it, though I had thought of it.

While I was away, a coworker asked me to explain my research agenda. (Usually people only do one area of research. Hers is folklore for a particular author.) She didn’t understand it, even after I explained.

That’s because I have ten research agendas. Ten of them.

My biggest sets are literature and religion. Literature is big because I didn’t subdivide it into sections. I guess I could. I subdivided business writing and freshman composition and I could have put those together and they would have been longer. I could have categorized different things together.

I could have put gender and assault together under women’s studies.

I could have put sci fi under literature.

I could have put a teaching composition category and had business writing, freshman comp, and technology all subsumed in that.

Maybe I should try that and see what it looks like. It would certainly be a more easily explained mind map.