Job Interview

I have a job interview on Monday and I am nervous.

One of my colleagues at a school I adjunct for said I am over qualified. I am. I actually didn’t think they would even interview me because of that. But they did. And I am thrilled.

I have to teach a thirty minute lesson in the middle of someone else’s class. She’s been asked to move her classroom and give up time for her students. Thank you, DJB, for doing that.

When I had the first interview I was a little ambivalent. I think I was protecting myself to not get my hopes up too high.

I am still a bit ambivalent, but only because I will leave lots of work undone at other schools if I get the job. (I’m working lots of pretty strong adjunct hours.) I do have a syllabus and book for the class I’m not teaching, though, if I don’t go. Hopefully they can find someone else who feels up to doing it, if I get the job.