Dad had an angiogram today. It was supposed to tell us that everything is fine and there is nothing to do.

Instead, what it told us was that of the two stents they put into his head when he was in the hospital at the beginning of the year, only one works.

Now my dad didn’t have a stroke until both of those arteries were so clogged that one of them didn’t show on an MRI and one of them was open a string’s worth.

So one at whole flow and one at none is not bad.

But the fact that one stent collapsed is bad.

The fact that one collapsed says to me that another may collapse. It says that Dad will likely die of the other’s collapse.

They said it was too dangerous to go in and open the stent that collapsed.

So they are sentencing him to death as soon as the second goes.

I would guess that the infarction (tiny stroke) was a symptom of the stent collapsing.

We’ve had five months with Dad that we wouldn’t have had normally. The doctor said that the survival rate of the stroke Dad actually had (rather than the one they thought he had at the beginning because he was so much himself) is 30%. After you survive, of course, it’s whatever comes after, stroke or not, that says whether you survive.

I love my dad. I hope the second stent doesn’t collapse. But if it does, I hope that it’s when he’s in PT or OT with someone else and that he’s gone immediately. Or maybe not. Maybe I hope he’s asleep, no matter whose watch it is on.