Going Without to the Betterment of Your Creativity

She suggests going a week without mirrors… How can you do that when you have to work? I honestly don’t use the mirror except to put on and check my makeup and some people might say I need to use it more often.

Clocks. Again. How do you work without clocks? Now, it is true that in June I won’t need clock time, but I’m not a real slave to the clock anyway. So… I guess I could do it in June.

Newspapers. Yep. I can do that. I do that regularly. I think for me it would be the blogs, but even that I have done without for a week or so at a time.

Speaking. That would be interesting. And hard. I am not sure I could actually do that, unless I took a sabbatical somewhere. How could I not talk to my family? It’s an interesting idea, though. Maybe a day a week for a month. It’s something to think about.

She suggests later giving up the telephone. No problem. The television. Okay. The coffee shop. All right, not an issue at all. The computer. Wait! That’s going overboard. And it might not help me with my creativity since I use the computer.

The Creative Habit. Notes on a book by Twyla Tharp