I’m in Boston.

I agreed to be bumped from my flight, but apparently the two-too-many people they had on the flight didn’t show.

I took a cab to the hotel. $32.50 by the end. The taxi drove down Beacon St, which I vaguely recall as being important. Most of the drive seemed to be in tunnels.

I checked in, went to my room and left my stuff, and then went back down to check in to the conference.

There’s nothing I want to see until 5, so I went outside and walked around. I went to the farmer’s market. They have cherry pies. I bought a hot dog from a vendor– very good. I went on a tour of Trinity Church, which looks old and very majestic, but wasn’t built until 1877. In another hundred years it will be old, but now it is still young. After that I bought an Italian ice. It was good at the beginning, but not by the end. And I only had a little one, so it wasn’t that I was overdone on sugar.

I have a four-hour block tomorrow that I don’t want to attend anything, so I’m going to see about taking a trolley tour of Boston. I didn’t bring any walking shoes. All I have are high heels, so I don’t think I’ll be hiking the city.

I’m a bit hungry, but not enough to pay $14 for a sandwich and not enough to walk across the street and around the park to get to Burger King. I may go there tomorrow for breakfast though.