Homeschooling Graduation

This week we have received three invitations to high school graduations. All are from very close friends, three of my five closest aside from my hubby, and are for their eldest sons who are the same age as my eldest son. All three boys are valedictorians of their classes.

My son isn’t graduating until August. He will graduate with 5.5 years of math, 7 years of English, 7 years of social science, 4 years of science… He’s done a lot.

He won’t be valedictorian and he won’t be graduating in May though.

It’s hard, sometimes, when life doesn’t look like your friends’ lives.

But he has a 3.6 average and he’ll have a total of 31 credits when he finishes. Texas requires 24 credits. He will also be a college junior because he will have taken 23 college classes.

But he’s not valedictorian and he didn’t graduate this week.

2 thoughts on “Homeschooling Graduation

  1. Paul isn’t either, but he is like #24 out of 425 or something.

  2. Oh, Bev. I was counting Paul. I didn’t realize he wasn’t valedictorian. I guess the Eagle Scout thing impressed me.

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