Oopsie Daisie! (and double oopsie update)

E needs physics this summer. I had him scheduled to take one class at one college and one class at another. It wasn’t a good match, but it worked.

However, having looked at the book again this afternoon to find out where E was, I discovered that he cannot take this class. It lasts all summer, not just first session. And it interferes with his math.

There is a night class that wouldn’t interfere, but it is also all summer and doesn’t work since he needs two semesters. I guess he’ll study physics at home.

I’m wondering whether to take his books back or to keep them and have him read through them and do the workbook. Then I could give him credit for physics from me for high school, though obviously we wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the experiments.

I’m camped outside his classroom door and whenever he gets let out for break, which will hopefully be soon, we will head out to look at the book and decide what to do.

Dang it! I should have known it was too easy when we actually could get what he needed in the summer.

Update: No, no. It wasn’t an oopsie when I did it, but it was almost an oopsie when I took him out today.

I waited for an hour outside his classroom, told him the class wouldn’t work, and, then, as we were leaving, grabbed the summer schedule and found out that he was, in fact, in the right class and it will work.

The issue was I was looking online and that only had courses that were still open. His class was filled.

Thankfully the break was long enough to take him out, talk about it, check on the class, and put him back in. I am fairly sure he is annoyed with me, but at least we didn’t actually leave before the class was over.

I didn’t know I was going to be here till 4 pm, though I should have. And I should have gotten him to pack a peanut butter sandwich to tide him through the hours.