CPS Alert

I already went to the website and sent an email. I will call on Monday.

From the comments to another post comes this notice from Abiding Joy:
Some terrible anti-parent/ anti-family legislation (SB 1440) that allows a CPS caseworker or any employee of CPS to swear an affidavit to “aid in an investigation” that would allow them to come into your home, look at any records they want, and transport (thus taking!) your child all without your consent passed this weekend and is being sent to the governor! All families are adversely affected by this legislation that takes your 4th amendment rights away.

We need anyone and everyone in TEXAS and elsewhere to make calls to the governor’s office to ask him to VETO this bill. It gives more power than the police have to CPS!! THEY (CPS) NO LONGER NEED A SEARCH WARRANT TO ENTER YOUR HOME WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT!!!!! !!! AND THEY DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE “GOOD CAUSE OR PROBABLE CAUSE” EITHER!!!!!! ! I posted the bill and all the info needed on my website:


So if you can send this LINK out to all your friends/families/ colleagues and anyone else you can think of and have them post the info and make calls I’d appreciate it. We need a massive veto campaign to stop it. Please, feel free to copy/cut/paste anything off my website about it and post it on blogs. too. I’m just sick about this and how it will affect EVERY family in Texas and even set a terrible unconstitutional precedent for the other states.

CPS was out of control before and the Supreme Court said so (in the FLDS-polygamist case and the Gary/Melissa Gates case) and now the Texas Legislature has decided to give them MORE POWER!!! Thank you for any help you can give on this! The veto calls need to start immediately. It will go into effect within 3 weeks! All the info’s on my website. Feel free to forward! ALL FAMILIES ARE AFFECTED and your 4th amendment rights are in question. Everyone in Texas is just an anonymous false report phone call away from a CPS investigation.

Johana Scot
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Executive Director
Parent Guidance Center
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Austin , TX 78749
Help a parent and you’ve already helped a child.

and http://www.rightintexas.com/

Rep Paul (TX) is encouraging all states to call in for this as it will set a national precedent.

Action Needed:
Call Governor Perry’s office at 800-252-9600, and ask him to veto
Senate Bill 1440 because it violates Texas citizens’ constitutional

You can also register your opinion online at the Governor’s website
at: http://governor.state.tx.us/contact/