I got my news from facebook.

I don’t listen to the news anymore. I can’t take it.

So now I get my news from fb. I had already heard about Farrah dying, in a peripheral conversation at a Shakespeare discussion today.

But when I got on tonight one of my friends posted about Michael Jackson, Iran, and North Korea too. So I was like… What’s up with MJ and NK?

I looked them up.

MJ is dead at 50.

NK is threatening us with a nuclear fire shower.

Oh goody. Can I shut the news off of fb too?

2 thoughts on “I got my news from facebook.

  1. I have been getting my news from friends for years now!!! If people are talking about it, then it is probably something I might want to know about. Let others filter through the glut of “news” and let me know what is most important.

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