Thoughts on the Interview

R said the chair saying that they are doing a lot of things, even if they aren’t presenting all the time, was not a negative comment about the number of presentations I have, but an attempt to qualify them. That is, she was saying it to say that I should want to be at that school because they are doing research, even if it isn’t obvious from their CVs.

We’ll see.

If she was qualifying them, I will get a call for another interview. If she wasn’t, I won’t.

How do I feel about it?

I’m glad I got an interview. I wasn’t stellar. I don’t think I did as well as I can do. I am not sure why. I was prepared for a lot of questions they didn’t ask. Some they did ask I was prepared for. Others I just didn’t have an answer I thought they would like. I tried to get around that for the diversity question they asked me. Now I think I could give a good answer, having thought around it. At the time, I am not sure I did a good job with it.

Do I expect to get a call back? No, not really.

Do I wish I would get a call back? Sure. Doing the same amount of work for more than twice the money would be great. I might actually be able to pay for those conferences I’ve got scheduled.

Oh well. If they are really on the ball and want me, I will hear by the 15th of July. That’s not long to wait.