Am I becoming a workaholic?

I didn’t want to be working on that Sh paper. And I was totally relieved for the first few hours after I sent it off. Now I’m a little paranoid again, but, you know, the worst they can do is tell me I suck and tell a whole bunch of other people I don’t know that too. So there’s not much of a problem.

But I didn’t feel like going to bed tonight and I am antsy. I read fora for a while and now I’m thinking I should go to bed.

I haven’t graded papers yet. That I’ll do in the morning. And I haven’t packed my bags to go to my parents’ house tomorrow either. (I’ll be home Saturday around 1.)

I’m going to end up with essays to grade from things people are writing on Friday and on Monday I have papers coming in. Yuck. Can I opt out of those? At least the midterm on Tuesday will be easy.

Okay, maybe I’m not a workaholic. Maybe I’ve just been getting positive feedback from publishing and not from anywhere else.