November Blessings

uncle-sam-thanksgiving-dinnerThe Common Room recommended keeping a “thanks” list in November. Each day give a new letter of the alphabet. I’m a tad behind, but I can certainly list twenty-six things for which I am thankful.

A Animals. I’m grateful for my dog Serenity who is sitting beside me all curled up showing how much she loves me by being content to be beside me. I thank God for animals, especially this special beagle.

B Books. This is me after all. I am totally, absolutely, one hundred percent grateful for books. Thank you, God, for pens and paper, printing presses, ideas, bindings, and publishing houses. Thank you for bookstores and libraries and friends with good book collections. Thank you for everything that involves books.

C Children. I am also totally, one hundred percent, absolutely grateful for children. I am grateful for my two wonderful boys who are almost grown. They are my pride and my joy. I am grateful for my sister’s children, because they are still children and are a lot of fun to be around. And I am grateful for my friends’ children, especially as they grow up and become my friends. I am also just thankful that the Lord sent into our care and stewardship these fragile beings who adore us and who need us. Thank you, God.

D Dinosaurs and dragons. I’m thankful for the creativity of a God who made amazing creatures. I’m grateful for the stories about dinosaurs and dragons (perhaps the same stories) throughout history. And I am thankful that my boys loved both those sets of animals. I am also thankful that I got to teach Dinosaurs and Dragons to a bunch of homeschoolers. It was so much fun.

I want to keep going, but it is time to stop for the day. I’m going to have to think of E next. Elephants? Eggplant? (Yuck, not for me, but for Angie.) Ears? Ethiopia? Eternity? What will I say I am thankful for tomorrow? You will just have to check in and see.

The picture is from Son of the South’s Civil War site.