Thanks Giving for M, N, O, and P.

Things I am thankful for that begin with M.
Micah. My mom. Mothers in general. Julian of Norwich’s designation of Christ as mother. Macaroni and cheese. Mathematics majors (like Elijah). Mornings. Mashed potatoes made by grandmothers who are willing to peel ten pounds of taters every morning for their grandbabies. Mashed potatoes made by my grandma-in-law. Morning glories. Munchkins. Massive breakthroughs in pretty much anything. Macs. Memories.

Some things I am thankful for that begin with O.
Nieces and nephews.
Nuts. Nativity. Nativity scenes. Nachos. Necklaces. News, especially when it’s good. Narcotics for those who need them for pain control. Nations. Norse mythology, because it makes for rollicking good stories.

What I am thankful for that starts with O.
My first thought was opera glasses. My great grand left a pair that are made of mother of pearl and actual pearl. Very fancy.

olives (because Terra’s kids love them),
old things,
the color orange (which I painted my high school bedroom),
ocelots (because they are Paul G’s favorite animal),
the oval office (because it means we have a republic rather than a monarchy or dictatorship),
onions (because there’s a silly family story on those),
owls (so homeschoolers like the Daubs can dissect their poop),
ovens (so we can cook and artists like Don can make pottery)

Old stories. Today I found out that my Grama Alice, my grampa Guy’s mother, was on the orphan train and adopted by a rich widow/single woman. She had all she could ever want. So she ran off with a baseball player, who abandoned her regularly to play professional baseball (Edward Householder). When he left her, she wouldn’t go home. She had four huge baby boys to care for. At one point she worked in the dance halls in Fresno, which my mom says she just heard on the history channel, were the outlet of the Mafia in CA at the time. She eventually moved to Arizona and worked in the Grand Canyon at the ranch at the bottom, until it became a national park and they threw them out. Then she and my Grampa Tommy (her second husband) ran a hotel in Flagstaff.

P things that make me happy/grateful.
Parents. Pictures. Photographs. Popcorn. Pansies. Peanuts, especially with lots of salt. Pretzels, especially from Wetzels Pretzels. People in general. Presents, especially surprises wrapped in beautiful paper. Poems. Poignant love letters. Parasols.