Thanks Q, R, S, T

Thanks, God, for the following (among many others) that begin with Q.
Quirks of my friends,
questions that show my students are learning,
queries from old friends,
quantum physics since it shows we don’t know everything,
quarters because they are shiny and let me buy sodas, quizzes because I am a navel gazer.
Quilts to curl up in
quickies…( had to throw that in!)

And that begin with R.

and S
Sex. Shoes. Sleep. Showers.
All the Stephanies in my life. Sisters. Sandwiches. Soda pop. Sunrises. Sunsets. Sweet smells. Sunshine.
Something my husband said that made me remember where I had stashed the grades for those papers I had graded and lost grades for.

and, finally for today, anyway, T
Traffic. My mom called this morning to tell me it was backed up for hours because of a one-car fatality. It reminded me that I need to be grateful for staying out of wrecks and having relatively light traffic to get to work.
Toys for tots. Go, Marines!
Thanksgiving. To remind me of what I am grateful for.
Trees. Especially old live oaks and great big maples in the fall.
Treasure. Toy treasure for little kids. Treasured heirlooms for grown-ups. Treasure in Heaven.