Talking to God

I was driving to Austin yesterday and talking to God. I think he was talking back, but I am not totally sure. I think so, though, because he kept asking for stuff I didn’t want to do.

I asked him what I should do and he said, “Slow down.” I asked if he meant my speed and he said, “That, too.” I said I wasn’t going to slow down my speed, but I did anyway. I mean, if God points it out…

So, we talked a bit. One agreement, no more conferences next semester. The three I have only. AND if my SLAC turns down the February conference, I won’t go. (I hope they don’t turn it down. It was very fun. I learned a lot. Gotta put together a persuasive packet on that.)

Then I got off topic and don’t remember how I left the conversation. Basically I’m still teaching six courses next semester and next fall, because I have committed to them. But next spring, I will only teach four classes unless I have a full-time job. We talked about that, too, but he didn’t say anything definitive. I still feel that it is unlikely.

Anyway, I had a weird dream (an affair which produced a baby–I’m not having either one of those things.), and when I woke up I realized that the experience was alluding to a job-ish offer that I was planning on accepting. I think I need to turn it down.

Weird the ways God has to get my attention. (Both the ways he is able to get my attention and the effort he has to go to procure it.)