I checked my work email today because I was expecting an email with extra work (and money for that). What I got instead was an email which I thought was barely civil (though that could have been a misreading), asking me for something which I turned in a month ago to the person to whom it was supposed to go. The new interim chair, who is not an interim chair till Jan. 1, asked me for the information which I sent to the last acting chair.

I am less and less impressed with the school.

Really, do I need to keep teaching when the ten year old bullies run the playground?

I think maybe I don’t. But burning bridges behind me… means it’s too late to turn back. I guess I’m not ready to get out yet.

But this is another stone in the path away from the school.

I was proud of myself though. I wasn’t snarky. That was hard. I wanted to write “I did this when I was supposed to and I sent it to whom I was supposed to. If you don’t have it, that’s not my problem.” Instead I just wrote “I sent this in November before the due date. Here is a second copy for you.”

No bad words or snarkiness at all in the sent email. I wasn’t terribly polite either, though.

And I didn’t go gossip about the interim chair. (Okay, I did go start to gossip, but then I deleted the email.)