Decision on ethics

I decided that since there is not a written limit to proposal numbers that I would apply to the three or four that are due at the beginning of March. Then I will wait and see if I hear anything from them before I apply to the ones in the middle of March.

I have two I would prefer to do the most, because of their topics for my résumé, another I would like to do because R has been helping me with it, two that are good because they are on the scholarship of the profession, and one that is fun.

I did decide not to apply to the science fiction group. If I ever get a full-time position somewhere that won’t slap me down, I might move into that as a field of study more strongly, but right now I need to keep my work more marketable. So…

I sincerely hope that two of the first ones accept my work early on. The problem is, of course, that no one knows me. So I do, in fact, have to be accepted on the weight of my work and it is not always sufficiently clear what they are asking for to let me feel confident that what I wrote is what they are looking for. However, I do like the ideas I have sent in so far.

I have no idea what other people are receiving. I do know that the first session I went to was amazingly cutting edge. None of my proposals are amazingly cutting edge. However, only one said they wanted cutting edge, so we will see.