Can I write a paper quickly?

Just saw a CFP for a topic that would help my publications and my chances of being accepted for that job I have an interview for… But it’s due next week.

Could I get it written that fast?

Probably not. But I might could… If I had my books with me. But I don’t, because I am at my parents’ house. I might get Ron to come over here and bring them. That’s a possibility.

I need to look at the possibility.

mixed genres= autobiography/biography with other things, fiction, recipes, etc.
mixed time= the works don’t follow a natural time progression

These two effects are significant. I think there are good aesthetic reasons for both of these. Life is not clean and easy, why should our literature be? Plus it helps the monolingual person understand the confusion and disorientation of the new immigrant/dual culture person operating in the U.S.

I think that’s what I want to say. The problem would be saying it for 4,000 words and doing a good “scholarly” job with it.