Moving Requirements

Fix the wooden floors. $
New carpet on the stairs at least, probably upstairs entirely. $$$
Fix bathroom ceiling. $
Replace kitchen and bathroom paper. $$

Get a cover for the hot tub.
Fix the fences.
Replant the front yard. (I lost most of my pretty plants to the cold.)
Paint the media room and the hall and R’s office.

Move some bookcases and furniture into storage to make the house seem bigger.
Set up the teen room either to look like a teen room or to look like a workout room.
Move the china cabinet into the dining room.
Put a smaller table in the dining room.
Clean out my office.
Get the electricity in the teen room fixed.

Preferable, but not required:
Get the electricity for the hot tub fixed.
Paint the whole house inside.
Replace all the carpet.

That’s a lot of stuff to do. It’s especially a lot when R and I are working full-time. It might be a job for M to do, though. We could pay him for the work… But he wouldn’t want to do it and we need someone who would actually get the work done.

I might want to talk to Lou about who revamps his houses for him.

Of course, this is all assuming that my alma mater comes through with a job for me.