Emotionally Frazzled

I did not realize how hard it is to look for work, full-time reasonably remunerated work, and not find any.

Jobs not gotten:
M 3
K 3
SJ 2
CF 3
T 1
N 2
Hb 2
Hc 1

I’m emotionally invested in having a full-time job and it is just not happening.

Now I’m thinking I should have taken the Hb job. But it would be the second year in a row they paid me part time for a full-time position AND I’d have had to drive through downtown during rush hour 5 days a week. There’s not a lot that is worth that.

Now, though, I am thinking I should have taken it, because at least I would have had a VAP and not just be an adjunct.

I just started applying for non-teaching jobs. We’ll see how that goes.

It made me feel better because for both jobs I could relevantly fill up an entire page of information. But I did go ahead and put my PhD on there, so who knows if they will even consider me?

I feel like I have been busy every second of the day for this whole week.

And, of course, I was an idiot and read my evals. The online course said, “She doesn’t answer her emails.” I did answer them from my school email a lot, but it doesn’t get to them. I didn’t realize till about halfway through the semester that it didn’t. Oops.

Also they want to know a bunch of stuff that I think I already said and they would know if they had opened the assignment page.

I think I am going to have to set up an online office hours thing to help with that. Maybe if I am online one hour a week where they know they can get me, that will help.

Also, I guess I’ll just answer any and all emails, even if they don’t ask questions.