Reener’s Grama’s Stuffing Recipe

I need that smell too–then it is Thanksgiving, says Reener.

I melt a stick of butter (yes, entire stick) in a cup of milk until butter is melted.
I mix the pepperidge farm stuffing mix with some bread I’ve let sit out and get dry overnight.
Then I grind a few sticks of celery and an apple in a blender until they are watery mush and oh yeah, an onion in the blender too, reduced to runny mush.
Mix with copious amounts of sage, salt, pepper, and whatever other seasonings you like.
Mix and mix and mix–this is where the smell comes in.
All together, it makes it a moist stuffing, which is what Thanksgiving is to me.
I stuff the bird with as much as I can, ignoring health safety warnings, then cook the rest in a casserole dish.
The latter gets dryer than the former; I then remix them together.

Just in case I decide to make stuffing next year. R likes it; I don’t.

This recipe is off the CHE forums.