Not Making Progress

I am not making progress on Tim Ferris’ 20 pounds in 30 days thing. Of course, what he says to do in one chapter isn’t what he says to do in the other. And he says you can do some stuff he says you can’t do in other places.

I’m frustrated and I am unhappy. There are not cravings, but I am not making progress. Two pounds, an equal amount of fat and muscle, has been lost. Six inches have been lost (not sure how that happened with two pounds, but it’s good). It’s been 12 days.

I cannot get into my old syllabi to see how long certain lessons took because my student website is down. It’s also listed as a malware site which means that right now I can’t use it for my students either. That sucks.

I hate Google. I don’t have anything on my site that is malware. I took off everything they said was a problem LAST time they said it was a problem. But it’s still listed as a malware site, despite the fact that they themselves say that the site hasn’t had any issues with propogating malware in the last three months, which is BEFORE they checked the site.