January 1 Phone Call

My mother called this morning.

Apparently when I did the sync with my phone and computer, it “fixed” the deletion of my mother from my phone. So I wasn’t even sure who it was… my dad or my sister.

After the phone call I thought, I should think of some wonderful times with my mother.

You know one of my favorite most recent memories is when she was confined to a wheelchair. She really couldn’t walk, though she tried. We went to PFChang’s for lunch or dinner. She needed to go to the bathroom before we left, so we went in. She needed help to get on the pot. So I went in to the handicapped stall with her, stayed with her. We talked and laughed and basically had a party in there. When we came out a lady was standing there with her baby who needed to be changed. I’m sure she thought we were taking up the stall unnecessarily, though she didn’t say anything. But the laughter and conversation from that bathroom stall makes me smile, even when I am crying.