Have I mentioned that I hate moving?

I have moved all my life. I don’t know if I have always hated it. But I hate it now.

I have to go through stuff I haven’t used and give it away. Even though I want to keep it. Because if I am moving to a 1700 sqft house from this 3000 sqft house, then I need to get rid of a LOT of stuff. Okay, yes, some of it is crap. Some of it I don’t like. Anyone want a fooze ball table? Hardly ever used? Expensive when purchased?

BUT some of it was my mom’s. Some was my grandma’s. Some was my great-grandma’s. Some is just nicer than anything I will ever buy for myself.

And I have to figure out what I am not taking with me, how I am going to get rid of it, and what I will NOT part with except at our lives’ expense.

I do have an entire page full of furniture I don’t want. And an entire trash can full of stuff I took out of the closet. And probably another big trash can full of give away stuff. (But I need my boxes, so I am not sure how I will port it. Maybe take it in boxes and empty them there.)

So I guess it isn’t a total loss. But it is not easy. Nay, it is even hard. And so, I hate moving. I don’t want to move.

I want to tell them if they aren’t going to give me the lousy $700 extra and they can’t guarantee conference funds, then I don’t even want to go. I can stay here and have $225,000 in my emergency fun if I want. And keep my house and just make it pretty. And keep my job that I like very well for right now, though I expect to be somewhat bored with it in six or so years, but maybe not. Maybe I can come up with stuff to keep myself busy.

Maybe we shouldn’t move. DH has a good job here and a better shot at a good job in EMS later. He can do his photography without issues.

My dad is here. (At least right now.) Maybe I don’t want to move. Maybe I should just say, “What I have is great. Thanks, but no thanks.”

But we did (or I did at least) pray about this job for over a year (literally) saying, “Yes I want it. But I don’t want it if I shouldn’t have it. I don’t want to go if I should stay here. Don’t let them offer it to me if I shouldn’t go.”

So I am thinking, should I go? Or is this another time when the Lord wants me to say, “No thank you.”