Why I should be excited.

I should be excited because:
1. They like me; they really like me. (Cue Sally Fields’ smile here.)
2. The job is exactly in my field, so I will have more focus.
3. I will be able to teach grad students.
4. I can teach business writing again.
5. I know and love the school.
6. I have a history there… a long history…. Thirty-three years of history.
7. I have two good friends in the new department, and five solid go-to-lunch colleagues.
8. I have at least two friends who are not in the department, but work in the school.
9. It is my dream job since I first started teaching over twenty-seven years ago.
10. I have the money to buy a house, even without selling our house here.
11. I get to house shop (which I like to do).