Stressing Out Today

Not totally sure why. I was stressing on the way home from Dad’s and lunch.

But then I sent an email and thought I had accidentally sent some stuff I took out. I think I only sent the right stuff. (I hope so anyway, though it is too late if I didn’t.)

And I had to call and get our airline flights and it turns out I’m on an airplane Friday morning AND Friday afternoon. I thought I was on Thursday and Friday. Oh well. It means Dad will know I’m going back that day, but hopefully it won’t be that big a deal. It probably will though. Maybe I should change our flights to come home Thursday. That would be better, really. And I think my sister bought our tickets to be able to change them.

I’ll ask her. If she did, I may change them. That would eliminate some of my stress, the idea of upsetting Dad because I don’t want him to fly by himself.

I found both the sets of exams that I thought I had misplaced, so that was good. I was able to record one set of grades. I left the other at school to do tomorrow. Not really sure why. I guess I just felt like I had enough to do today.

One thing I had planned on doing today and haven’t done is purchasing clothes. I thought it would be good to have some new clothes to take on the trip. However, when I went and looked at the picture we took last year, everyone was in jeans. I don’t own any jeans and I wasn’t planning on buying any. Hmm. Need to think about that a bit.

I need to finish my paper, take pictures, put them into iMovie, and run through it a couple of times to make sure I have it down. That would stress me out, since I haven’t done squat on it for the last two weeks until yesterday, when I worked on it for a few minutes. (I have read some during the two weeks, but I haven’t really worked on it. And I am leaving town tomorrow!)

What was I thinking? Was I thinking how much can I stress myself out? If I was thinking that, then I have probably succeeded in getting pretty close to the max.

Nauseous too. All day off and on. Gotta remember to take bonine with me and take it before I get on the plane.