Thoughts on the process

I think looking for houses is usually more fun than buying houses.

My father suggested that getting what you want is more important than paying what the house is worth. This, however, was before he saw my favorite house, which he was much less impressed with.

I looked up the houses online, according to the county appraisal district for taxes. That tells you what the people bought the house for and when. You can also look up other folks’ on the street and see what they are paying.

Since my favorite house is too big, overpriced, and in need of carpet/paint, and since R also has to choose, I am trying to rank the other houses. Which would I prefer the most?

pink kitchen = bigger
favorite = pretty wood
pink cabinets = best neighborhood
laminates = already done (though not necessarily to my taste–though I like the bathroom!)
octagon front = best cookie cutter
library = turnkey cookie cutter
lowest price house in expensive neighborhood = cachet of neighborhood

I tried using sixteen criteria for ranking houses. Doing that:
pink cabinets
pink counters, expensive neighborhood

However, when I just listed my preferences, based on whatever it is I am basing it on:
pink counters
pink cabinets
expensive neighborhood

almost exactly the list is in order of square footage
the cookie cutters are in the bottom, but so is the expensive area
Why is that?
I don’t really know. Ugly rock fireplace that is the first thing you see, just two inches past the open door, when you come in the house?
Also, it has multiple steps up and down inside the house. If we’re going to live there for 20 years, that’s an issue.
Laminate house has a 14-inch step down/up into/out of the garage. Also, a 12-inch single step from the front porch to the carport. These are problems. They can be avoided, or mitigated, but they are a problem.

I chose the 2 living, 2 dining cookie cutter home over the expensive neighborhood. That’s odd, really.

Should probably think about theat more. Why?