House Offers

Okay, we made an offer on my favorite house. We made my offer. (12% less)

They countered. (3% less)

We went to a house that had been taken off the market, that we thought was okay, that has a great kitchen, that had one weird room but we think we figured out a way around that. And we about offered them full price.

We are still waiting to hear from them.

Price, size, and needed two living rooms have turned out to be the biggest issues. Okay, price is always people’s issues… But…

Update: It’s twelve hours later and we are waiting. The second house is going house-hunting tonight. They don’t have anywhere else to go right now. So I guess if they find something they like, they’ll come back and accept.

Maybe we will know tonight late.

I’m frustrated with the whole thing and right this minute, and about half an hour ago, I just wanted to say, “No. I’m done. I’ll just rent.”

But I’m vacillating too much to really say that, so I won’t.

Good things about house #2:
Cool address.
Room for my pool table.
Cute yard, but not huge and not elaborate.
Probably has room for two offices. H’s desk is 8.5 ft long and if it will fit in one half of the “master suite,” then I can take the other half of the master suite for my office. Then we have two offices, YAY, and the master bath is not the public bathroom in the house.
Great kitchen.
Very nice range.
Good cabinets.
Space for a center island, which we will want.
Room for my china cabinets.
No garage but a good carport.

So it’s a good house, not perfect, but a good house. If they say yes, I’m good with that. If they say no, I’m good with that. I just want to know.

R wants to go back to House #1 if #2 says no and offer them 6% less than their asking price. But that’s a lot of money for a bigger house than we need. Pretty though. Kitchen is way better at #2. Wood is prettier at #1. But maybe I can put in a wood floor sometime, if we get #2.

#2 needs new carpet in one room. #1 needs new carpet everywhere.

Haven’t worked out what furniture to take to house #2. Maybe I could think about that now:
black bedroom
Grampa Ben’s bedroom
pool table
2 couches
gold chair
rocking chair
cedar chest
rock maple dresser? (Where would I put it? But I like it a lot.)
pretty display cabinet (not the fruitwood)
Grama Rill’s desk (unless I get Momma’s)
Grama Helen’s two chairs
either our dining table or Cecil and Mary Lou’s (Like that idea better, but…)
coffee tables (2)
end tables (2)
bookshelves, but not all our bookshelves, because those won’t fit… How many will fit? How many should I bring? What am I going to do with M’s books? (Obviously I need to take those with me.)
I’m thinking the chaise lounge, because it is comfortable. R hates it though because the print is ugly. I wonder how much it would cost to get it redone. (Looks like it could be $500 and up.) Would that be worth it?

Should I get a storage unit for the nicer furniture that won’t fit?

I’m fixing to cry about this. It’s ridiculous. It’s just furniture and I don’t particularly love it. I guess I’m just in a crying kind of mood. Dang it.

Okay… Think I’ll go think about something else.