My second favorite house sold this week. My fifth favorite is the one off the market. My third favorite house is WAY over on the other side of town (eleven miles and fourteen minutes away from my work). Update: Just today my third favorite house was put under contract. My fourth favorite house was rented last week.

I know what number 1 was. The first we made an offer on.
The fifth favorite was the house we have an offer in on now (even though they took it off the market).
Third favorite was Brookhollow (but imperfect because of 70s vinyl, counters, wallpaper in pristine condition).
Fourth favorite was Garfield.
But I have no idea what the second favorite house was. Not a clue.

Well, looking at this it means I told H wrong. It was my fifth favorite, not my third. Still. It stayed on the list.

Of course, the house out near Brookhollow was my second on the day we looked and he didn’t like it at all. The angels in the backyard and the master bath with three doors just freaked him out. (Gee, I wonder why.) I thought it had all the benefits of Brookhollow, except having the garage in front and no brick fence, with none of the drawbacks, 70s stuff. However, Brookhollow was perfectly priced for its neighborhood and this house was high based on the neighborhood.

I looked at my posts from April 8 and wonder why we are moving. God, we are counting on this being from you, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Neither of us are wanting to move at least half the time and this is hard not fun. However, you didn’t say you would always call us to fun. Really, though, it would be nice if Perfect House would show up and call us on the phone.