Kitchen Cleaning?

Today is the “cleaning out, donating, and decluttering the least-used-shelves in the kitchen” day.

I think I need alcohol for this.

And I rarely drink.

Unfortunately when I decided to do the “not used kitchen shelves” I saw/remembered most of our entertaining stuff is there so I decided I had to pull out all the entertaining stuff so I could see what we had. That means three main areas in the house have stuff all over them. (R says “all the traffic areas.”)

I found a box of my mother and grandmother’s silver. Last summer, right after my mother died, I downsized from Mom’s 12 big boxes of silver to one banker’s book box of silver, plus the seven pieces I display. I wonder if I will ever use the silver, but it’s so beautiful and I would love to display it, if there’s space. (That depends on what we do with some extra space in the kitchen. Pantry? China cabinet?) So I haven’t decided on that.

I’ve got five give-away boxes from the fancy dishes and I still have five boxes of stuff–but it is all mostly stuff we use, though I obviously need to find a more accessible place to put it so that I will remember to use it all.

That still leaves me with two boxes of maybes. One cake pan that is very cool and was my mother’s, though I never saw her use it to make a cake. She probably bought it right before she got sick. Pewter dishes, which my mother bought for me because I love pewter.

I guess I’m not done yet. I need to get it decided and cleaned up before bed, because I’ve made a mess out of three rooms