Moving Calendar

June 21: head to town for closing
-pack stuff for a 10 day stay at the house
-take a truck load of stuff (office stuff or other? I won’t have an office, so maybe not office… Take what?)

June 22: closing
-electricity and gas accounts opened
-water needs to be signed, notarized, and faxed back

June 23-26: get blinds up, change locks, get fence in (?)
June 27-29: foundation done
June 30: fly home, get E

July 1-4: go to ILs

July 20: pick up moving truck, perhaps move pool table, stuff from Dad’s house
July 21: 9 am movers coming to pack house here
July 22-24: go to A-, get unloaded and unpacked
July 26: fly home (?)
July 31: drive back to A- with stuff and dog

Need to do:
This week:
sign, notarize, and fax water
find out what to do about check for the closing
decide what to take with you in pick-up
get boxes

Next week:
Figure out what you are taking. Make a complete master list.
rent truck

Week of closing:
Pack truck.
Go to town.
Stay with someone. (E? M?)
Put up blinds.
Change locks.
Stay at house.
Talk to Shane about painting.