Moving Update

I have taken a total of 20 boxes of books to the library. I plan to downsize 30, so I need to come up with ten more to get rid of. (Btw, I learned that 25 book boxes weigh 700 pounds. Wow. If I really have 100 I may be seriously in trouble. I haven’t actually started packing my books yet. When I get home from Arkansas in July I will though. Then we’ll see.)

I have taken four loads of donation stuff to the donation places–3 to the battered women’s support and 1 to Goodwill. I have another small load in my car, which will probably go to Goodwill because it is on the way out and I’m having lunch with Dad.

Yesterday I went through all the pantries and spice cabinet and threw away all the expired stuff. Obviously we haven’t been cooking in a while. I threw away two actual garbage cans full of old food. Not the biggest ones, but two thirty-gallon cans.

Today the folks from the intercity church came and picked up furniture.
foozball table
big comfy chair (though in the garage so dirty)
couch (not so comfy, nice cover but easily messed up)
really fancy and nice painting that I didn’t like at all
antique hutch my mom bought from Deb Stanger when she had to get rid of all her stuff
small table from laundry room
tea cart from media room
3 televisions (one huge, two normal)
DVD player
office chair

After we sell the house next March (yes, God, are you listening?), we will have them come out again and pick up some more stuff. But we are leaving a lot for the staging.

Today I also cleaned out M’s closet. Packed most of the toys up to take with me for friends’ kids to play with (or grandkids maybe?) but put some in the donation pile.

Realized that M has three nice backpacks. Apparently all anyone remembers is his green one which broke. So he has three. One so new it still has tags on it.

I finished cleaning out most of the game closet. I have one game and six candles. I should probably just give the candles away, but I don’t want to. I used to like candles. Maybe I will again soon. Or maybe not.

Big, gotta call moving stuff I have finished:
I sent the Power of Attorney to the title company.
I got insurance from Safeco (Liberty Mutual).
I got electricity from Reliant.
I got gas from… Hmm. Atmos Energy.
I have not called the internet people, although I now know who they are. Thank you Bryan in Lubbock!
I tried to fax the stuff to the water people. No such luck. For some reason it wouldn’t work.

Apparently people in New Town don’t want to call back long distance folks.
So far I’ve not had return calls from a framer, a roofer, and a fence guy. I’m particularly disappointed about the fence guy because he’s from my church…

I made an appt with the guy to get the locks changed and have him look at other stuff. I guess if I have the locks he can do them when he comes by the house on Wed. afternoon. He won’t do the concrete stain. Too bad. I don’t want to try my hand at that.

I’m going to call the fence guy (one more time) and make an appt for later Wed. If he doesn’t show, I’ll find someone else.

One thing I need to do is make appts to see friends while I am in town for ten days. I need something to do so I won’t go stir crazy, especially as I’ll have no furniture at all.

Can’t decide how much clothes to take on this trip. I’ll be gone ten days. I don’t have ten days worth of bras, so either I buy more or I wash right away.

That means I need to get the washer and the dryer either the day I arrive (21) or soon thereafter. I wonder how long delivery takes. I guess I could hand wash the underthings if I can’t get the washer and dryer relatively quickly.

What I am taking:
as many boxes from my office and the house as will fit in the pickup I am still trying to figure out if I should roll up the cover and just tarp cover the boxes. Think I won’t, but that means I can only have a single layer of boxes. That’s not a lot of boxes, I don’t think.
clothes for five to ten days
Crystal Light and a pitcher, so I can have something to drink at the new house.
my meds
maybe my not fancy jewelry this trip
my computer (if I haven’t already finished the chapter, I will–might also want to start on the revision for Routledge)
the first book I need to review

I’m making a list of what I need to buy from Walmart after I get to town.
blow up bed
two hoses with sprinklers
peanut butter