House Things

Saturday college roommate L and I drove two vehicles and the dog from Old City to New Town. While the trip is usually about 6.5-7 hours, it took us 10. We took the long way (freeway most of it) and stopped a lot with the dog and for bathroom breaks.

When we arrived, we unloaded both vehicles swiftly.

The dog climbed the fence to get out of the yard within twenty minutes of being put in the yard. She did, however, make a beeline through the open door into the house, which was good.

We opened one of the Benfields to see what the problem was. The tape hadn’t stuck. So I needed to buy tape. I don’t know what we did that evening, besides eat pizza and went to bed. Perhaps that is all we did.

The next morning we tried to go to a local joint, but it wasn’t open (Sunday perhaps?). We ended up going to the IHop.

Monday the a/c was off at work so I didn’t go in. I did walk 2 miles with M around campus. That was actually quite nice, though 7 seemed late to be starting.

Monday evening MD came over and we unpacked my study. First, though, I did clean the bookshelf. All the books that are going in there are up (I think) and I have eight additional boxes (so far) to go to the office. I didn’t get far enough along to ask for help moving the chaise lounge in there and I guess that’s good because now I want to put it in the living room so there will be comfortable seating somewhere cool.

I went to the grocery store and bought some food. I also bought tape for the Benfield.

Tuesday, yesterday, I took the dog for a walk because MD doesn’t want to walk 5x a week yet. I need to though, so Serenity and I did. Took us about 40 minutes.

Also Youngest Son called and said his tuition discount was not on and could I fix that? So I went to campus, checked in with the admin, got the paperwork for the tuition discount, filled it out, took it to HR, went to Student Financials with it, and was done. They said it would be fixed “right away.” I have no idea how long that will be. I expect that it will be done by Friday, though, for sure.

While I was on campus, I also applied for, paid for, and received my parking permit. It moves from car to car, which is good, since right now I don’t even have my car.

I hung the Tarkay yesterday. I centered it on the wall from the closet door to the hall, but the lights were apparently not centered that way. Depending on where you are sitting, the art lights may not appear to be in the middle of the picture, because they aren’t.

I fixed the problematic Benfield yesterday.

Last night, I crashed M + BobD’s dinner–yum! Homemade chicken and dumplings. Then we all went to work. M went to her office and BobD went to mine to paint. The sherbert/ice green/blue looks cooling, which right now is great. The deep gold/yellow was not my style at all. Thank God for BobD and his painting ability!

I hung a Treby today. It is perfectly centered in the guest room and at the correct height as well.

I also opened all the painting boxes and decided to give two that I brought with me away.

Then I went to work on the game closet in the den. It’s hot out there (especially with the fan off because it turns on the outside lights too) and I took a break.

The plumber was supposed to be here this morning, but he forgot to put it in his calendar. I found out because I called immediately. After waiting most of the day for a call, I decided to just put the plumber off. Turns out the hot water is on the opposite side in the guest bath (right instead of left), so it does work. The toilet runs sometimes, but not all the time. And I made the drain less stopped up once, perhaps I can repeat the experience and totally clear it out.

The cabinet makers took my money three weeks ago and didn’t start the cabinet until yesterday when I called them about it. It will be ready sometime next week.

I called the flooring people to get the living room measured for engineered wood. That is supposed to happen on Monday, but they wait until Monday to tell you when. I was going to say I am supposed to walk with MD, but she’s going to Michigan to see her mother (ouch Alzheimer’s). I still want to walk, though. I suppose I could take the dog out in our neighborhood, but I don’t know how far two miles is around here.

The painter guy is coming the 13th. I said I would be out of town both the 13th and 14th, but turns out Elder Son is done with school the 13th, so we’ll be home that evening. Unless, for some reason, we decide to head to Old City and see the sibling and spouse. Probably not though. We all hope painter guy in New Town is better than painter guy in Old City.

I sat down to write so I would remember what this experience was like, but I didn’t really do that in this post. I did, however, say what I have gotten done. That helps.