Feeling Bad: Simple Carbs

I have been feeling better for the last few days. Then I had company last night and was slow getting things ready. So we ended up having chips and lemonade with grapes. I ate 6 Doritos and had, at most, a cup of lemonade. (I mostly drank water and Crystal Lite.) I also ate 8 grapes. I went to bed early, exhausted, and hurting. I got up late (for me) stiff and sore. It hurt to get dressed.

It was back down to minor twinges by 1 pm, but oh my that was not fun. When I think of how well I have been feeling it is down right horrible.

I think that I have discovered most of the hidden nightshades I had been missing. I am obviously going to have to be more careful of my label reading. Need to purchase a magnifying glass.

But basically, I sleep better and without pain when I don’t eat simple carbs.

So, low carb, no nightshades. That’s not terrible, despite what earlier iterations of myself might have thought. Health and pain-free living is far more exciting.