Worn Out

I guess I am still stressed because it takes a lot of emotional/mental energy for me to get things done. I’m also in massive procrastination stage, so that doesn’t help get things done.

I have been in town for nine days. My house is unpacked entirely, put together, and fleshed out (though not all the paintings are up since I am having the wall painted). My office is also set up, with my art work and my books on the shelves, though my files are still in boxes on the floor. I need to file those.

So, yes, I’ve gotten a lot done. I did the house the first week, though. It’s been done for a few days. Okay, I did just finish my jewelry. Yesterday I did the rest of the books in the office, once the shelves stopped coming down, and organized all my jewelry into trays. Plus I took the dog for a walk and I walked two miles. And I went grocery shopping.

Okay, that’s not too bad, actually. Maybe I have too high standards for myself.

What about today?
Today I took the dog for a walk (half an hour). I put the jewelry in the armoire (rather than in the trays on the bed). I cooked breakfast for myself. I got dressed for and went to the zoo with Deb and the grandgirls. We stayed there an hour and a half. Then we came back to my house for an hour and a half. The girls played with the dragons, rode the horse, played dress up, and wore the animal faces. We also ate lunch which I made. Then they went home. Now I am waiting for the weatherizing people.

Maybe I think I’m pooped out because I am not already done reviewing the book I wanted to have done by this weekend. Well, that and I am actually physically tired (not totally zapped but sluggish) from having been at the zoo. Wow, Deb has a lot of energy!

Okay, I guess after three hours with babies and half of that in 100 degree heat, I should be a little tired!